Regenyei type XIV

La type XIV prodotta da Regenyei è stata sfornata nei suoi primi due esemplari pochi giorni fa, e (grazie anche ai buoni consigli di Francesco Lanza) si è rivelata un’ottima spada.

The Type XIV made by Regenyei Armoury was created in his first two exemplars some days ago, and (Thank to the good advice of Francesco Lanza) it worked out a good sword.


L’aspetto esteriore è molto molto simile a una type XIV vera e propria (gli chiesi di ispirarsi alla Yeoman type della Albion) tranne per il debole che dovrebbe digradare con un angolo maggiore verso la punta. Ma per l’allenamento questo può comunque essere un vantaggio.

The aspect is similar to a real Type XIV (I tell Péter to inspire his work on the Yeoman type by Albion). Just the weak of the blade is different, It must be a little bit narrower, descend more and more to the point. But in a training perspective it can be a good quality.


L’impugnatura è lunga 10 cm, la lama è larga ben 7 cm alla base. La guardia è di 17 cm.

The handle is 10cm (3.94 inches) long, the width of the blade at his base is 7cm (2,76 inches). the crossguard is  17cm (6.69 inches).


La lama è lunga 70 cm, con uno spessore di 2 mm. La lunghezza totale è di 86,5 cm

The blade is 70cm (27,56 inches) long with a thickness of 2 mm. The total lenght is 86,5 cm (34 inches)

Il Bilanciamento è a 9,5 – 10 cm dalla guardia

Il peso è di 1120 grammi

The PoB is 9,5 – 10 cm from the crossguard

The weight is o 1120g

Questa spada mi ha dato una sensazione di stranezza appena presa in mano, il suo bilanciamento più avanzato rispetto al solito mi aveva stranito. E’ bastato tirare qualche colpo per trovarmi subito a mio agio, il bilanciamento avanzato aiuta nell’esplosività di molti colpi. L’elsa corta permette di cambiare facilmente presa senza muovere la mano dalla sua posizione, vicino alla guardia. L’elsa è rivestita in cuoio, il pomo è grande e comodo se si sa come tenerla in mano adeguatamente.

Si è rivelata totalmente al di sopra delle mie aspettative.

This sword has given me a feeling of strangeness just picked it up, his balance more advanced than usual, I was dazed. It was enough to pull a few shots to get me immediately at ease, advanced balancing helps with many explosive blows. The short handle allows you to change easily grip without moving the hand from its position next to the crossguard. The hilt is covered in leather, the pommel is large and comfortable if you know how to hold the sword properly.

It proved to be totally beyond my expectations.


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8 Responses to Regenyei type XIV

  1. Tom says:

    It looks very fine, just ordered 3 pieces of the old type for my club, I will change the order for this type, it looks better and the handle more usable

    • Today me and my girlfriend had sparring with 2 Reggy type XIV. I can say that the sword handle in a very good way in fight. The 10 cm handle is fantastic, due to the fact that the grip can be changed very easily. I recomend you to ask for an edge of 2 mm, so the sword is durable and light at the same time.


  2. Tom says:

    Looking forward to seeing the sword at Berlin Buckler Bouts

  3. Carlos Negredo says:

    Could you tell me if this sword flex enough to be safe in sparring? Is it heavier if you order with 2 mm. edge? Does it feel heavy in the hand? Thank you very much in advance.

    • I not recomend it for the kind of sparring more sport oriented, with gambeson padded gloves and big protections. However, i used it with minimal gear sparring and i have never get hurt, but more than all i train controll in this kind of exercise. The sword feel good it hand, isn’t light but not heavy. It have a good mechanics to strike blows by the way. With the edge greater it will gain 40 – 50g more or less. Regenyei is a good guy, if you ask for a more flexible sword with this kind of shape he will probably do that. I also recomend you to ask a tip more rounded.

  4. I would really love to learn this skill and I am also ready to practice twice a day, everyday. The problem is that I do not have anyone with whom I could practice. 😦

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