Fiore de’ Liberi – Incrosare in punta di spada.


My interpretation is based on the presence of the two masters facing each other, on 2 (3 considering Florius, which i don’t like) of the 3 classic manuscripts of Fiore. My idea is that the first 6 plays are in regards of a “master vs master” fencing, a lesser chaotic and hectic duel situation. From the villano play to the rompere with his variations, fiore show the outcome of a duel based on first intention attacks, of course all this action (binding related and not) can happen in both situation, but the first kind of action happen mostly in the first kind of enviroment, and the second in the second one.

In my experience of fencing in minimal equipment and full equipment, i’ve noticed how the first 6 plays of gioco largo happen a lot of times in a binding and more fluent duel, on the other way when the protective equipment is on, first intention dominate the fights, and the plays from the 7 to the 19 (getty) dominate the fight.


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