The Karate Nerd

Who is Jesse Enkamp and why I’m linking this video?

Well I don’t know Jesse personally but I follow him by quite a lot of time. He have his own blog, Youtube channel and a big growing comunity which follow him called Karate Nerds”. In the link below, you will find one of the four videos dedicated to the KNX the “Karate Nerd Experience” which is the event he organize calling people and great instructors and martial artists from all around the world.

So again, why I link this video? Well because Jesse is doing what hema should do. And he is doing it in one of the more traditional enviroments of the martial arts, the Karate Comunity.

If you start to follow him, you will discover that he travels regularly to Japan, and visit and practice with a huge number of different famous Sensei. On the other hand, he puts the Karate comunity in contact with MMA and full contact combat sports, to try and understand better how a fight can be. He also invitee natural movement experts, Yoga experts and so on, putting the attention on posture, anatomy and the human body.

This is how a dedicated student of one art should be, because Jesse is both an awesome Sensei and an Incredible dedicated student of his art. He have spotted many anatomical errors developed during the hundreds of years of Karate life and slightly corrected them to practice better and safely, but also he discovered in his travels old interpretation of Katas and “new old stuff” which was hidden in some little dojo somewhere.

This is how to build up a good martial art is, realism, study, knowledge of the human body and a critic eye on everything, but also the desire to know more and more, to discover and most of all, to put all together.



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