I.33 – The Mutatio Gladii

Hello HEMA friends!

Today I’m here with a new video, which shows the sequence of mutatio gladii which starts from the folio 3v and ends in the 4r of our beloved “Walpurgis Manual”.

So, for this video you will need some info to figure out why I deliberately chosen to oversimplify the footwork and in general the sequence itself.

First of all, to easily explain it and show it.

Second, which is kind of related to the first point, I think that the I.33 is not a fighting manual, but a teaching manual. We may see a huge number of clues all around the book that seems to point toward this idea, at least from my point of view.
Actions which are not easily understandable or applicable in the precise context shown (like the falling under, the mutatio gladii etc) are simply exercises which are not meant to lead the reader to replicate the same action, but otherwise they are needed by the priest to teach some kind of actions to his students.
The I.33 in my interpretation is a series of plastron lesson with the fencing Master written around the 1320 and recorded in a way usefull to the Master himself to remember the aforementioned exercises.

This complex and speculative topic will be explained in my future work, maybe with some kind of publication or book.

So, for now, I hope you will enjoy the mutatio gladii sequence of exercises.



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