The Arming Sword

Hello HEMA friends!

During the years I’ve found more and more people interested in the use of the single Arming Sword. I’ve always found this weapon fascinating too and I’ve used it for many, many years. But I always used it with the buckler, practicing I.33.

This is because, as many of you know, there are not sources about single arming sword fighting. Or better, we don’t have sources in which the actual arming sword is shown by itself.

On the other way, many sources can be used to learn the use of a single weapon. Every Messer and Early sidesword manual can be used (taking in consideration the difference between weapons) to learn how to use “The sword alone”.
On the other way I wanted to work out something more related to the medieval period and, at some extent, also connected with the non-consensual violence context, which is a context in which the sword alone could have been used frequently.
And so because of this I’ve started this project, putting together some sources and my actual experience, I hope you will enjoy it through the episodes (which will appear randomly, following my style of doing things).



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