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Registration Form – Borgosesia Historical Fencing Meeting

Ecco a voi il modulo di iscrizione. Questo va consegnato compilato tramite E-Mail all’indirizzo entro il 18/08/2018. I dati per il pagamento della quota di iscrizione verranno spediti tramite E-Mail in risposta, il pagamento per l’iscrizione va effettuato entro … Continue reading

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Borgosesia Historical Fencing Meeting

During the 1st and 2nf of September I will held an event here in my homeplace, Borgosesia (VC). The instructor Keith Farrell will keep two of the seminars during the event. For more info check the FB page at this … Continue reading

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Sword Re-Review.

After four years of practice i’ve decided to made a new review of my Paul Binns Type XIV sword. I’ve added this video to my old review, which i’ve made after only few weeks of use. Now of course i’ve … Continue reading

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THREE TIPS to improve your fencing.

Three tips to improve your fencing. I had to wait years to understand well this simple concepts, I hope you don’t have to wait as much as me. So to help speed up the process , here you will find … Continue reading

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Sparring Analysis

I’ve just added on YouTube my new video. I’ve made a sparring reviews of some actions i’ve made in sparring. To better analyze tactics, conditioned reflexes etc. Here it is the video. All the bests!

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Patreon Campaign – New Article

My new article – Why I have reintroduced the Gambeson into my practice: Reasons, Benefits, Faults and Necessities. – In which I analyze the motivations why I have resumed the practice with the gambeson is now online on Patreon. Patrons … Continue reading

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Buckler drills!

New video about buckler drills. Most of the people who approach sword and buckler find huge problems in coordinating sword and buckler movements. Here is two little exercises to helpy you overcome the problem.

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