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Incrosada – Part One

I’ve decided to shoot a number of videos about the incrosare, this topic will be quite complex and to develop it and explain it in a proper way i’ve decided to do a number of videos, some of them will … Continue reading

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I just added a new article on my Patreon Page. In this I describe a new method for organizing the crossing situations, be these beating actions, binding actions or parries. Patrons that donate 5$ or more per month can read … Continue reading

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Too much double hits?

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Black Fencer Rapier – Review and Sparring


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Shooting my american longbow.

Talking about the future of my channel, about new contents, fencing, archery etc.

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My new HEMA Jacket

Hey guys, here is my new Axel Pettersson Jacket. I decided to make a little review because i’ve seen this product improved compared to older versions. Here it is.

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After one year…

Yesterday i’ve uploaded a new video for my Patrons, in this video I take in consideration all the changes i’ve made to my training method during the past year. I specifically take it consideration the three most important changes and I … Continue reading

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