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I.33 – The right Counterbind

Hello HEMA friend! Here is part of my new interpretation of the I.33 counterbind and shielstrike (partial because it change depending in which context it’s used). I want to spend some words about this action because I.33 SeB community is … Continue reading

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Sword Grab!

Sword-Grab technique. This technique can be used with single handed swords, sword and buckler and longsword fencing.

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Sword Re-Review.

After four years of practice i’ve decided to made a new review of my Paul Binns Type XIV sword. I’ve added this video to my old review, which i’ve made after only few weeks of use. Now of course i’ve … Continue reading

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Buckler drills!

New video about buckler drills. Most of the people who approach sword and buckler find huge problems in coordinating sword and buckler movements. Here is two little exercises to helpy you overcome the problem.

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I.33 Bsics – 3 ways to parry thrusts

Another video of the “I.33 Basics” series in which I explore my idea of “common actions” and also the more direct and straightforward actions shown in the manual.

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The Seven Wards

I’ve just added on my Patreon page the video with the explanation of the plays contained in my “Seven wards solo-drill”. Patrons who donate 5$ or more can watch it by clicking here: Here is the solo-drill video, which … Continue reading

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The Seven Wards

I.33 Is a beautiful system of fighting, which in my opinion is meant to integrate (and not always replace) the “common fencing” mentioned in the manuscript. Movements executed from guard to guard are very import because they create the basic … Continue reading

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