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HEMA and other M.A. and Combat Sports

In this video I speak about some Martial Arts and Combat Sports which can easily work well with yout HEMA practice (more or less of any kind/style). There is a lot more to say about this topic and here i only scratch the surface. I will say a lot more in the video to come.


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I.33 – Thrusts from Halpshilt

In this video I show the way now I execute my thrust from Halpshilt. This action is based on the Folio 11v of the I.33 manual which show a similar action against prima custodia, action which is by the way described as a “plaga” a cut/blow.
In fact the action shown in the I.33 is a blow, but sometimes happens that in traditional training methods we find an action really dangerous to practice replaced by a more controllable one, like probably in this case. There is also a lot of chance that the action was simply a blow, both in training and in the “Hypothetical reality” but, looking at the description, a thrust can make sense. Also, from a purely strategic point of view a thrust is far better.

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Always be Training

Scroll down for English.
Come molti di voi ormai sapranno abito in una zona montuosa molto verdeggiante e durante le settimane di ferragosto la zona si riempie di turisti e villeggianti. Come mia abitudine durante queste settimane aiuto la famiglia della mia ragazza Elisa nel loro ristorante.

E’ un lavoro impegnativo che a volte occupa 10 – 12 ore al giorno, questo lungo orario lavorativo è doppiamente un problema perché rischia fortemente di togliere spazio al mio allenamento giornaliero. Fortunatamente durante gli anni ho sviluppato un modo di vivere ben diverso e il mio allenamento è in gran parte sovrapposto alla mia giornata, è fondamentale trovare occasioni per allenarsi durante ogni giornata e saperle sfruttare.
Relegare l’allenamento primario a degli orari prestabiliti è fondamentale, ma altresì è importante intendere la vita stessa come un grande allenamento, vi faccio degli esempi legati alla giornata di ieri, 15 agosto.

Ieri è stata ovviamente la giornata più impegnativa di tutte al ristorante e quindi ho dovuto gestire al meglio le mie risorse per allenarmi quanto possibile. Come prima cosa, appena arrivato sul posto di lavoro la mattina ho eseguito diversi esercizi per le gambe. Riscaldamento articolare – 2 x 20 squat, 2 x 15 affondi 10 calci frontali e 10 laterali per gamba.

Cominciato il servizio ho dovuto tagliare il pane per i commensali, essendo su un ripiano troppo basso per me ne ho approfittato per alcuni esercizi isometrici. Su 15 minuti circa di lavoro ho prima tagliato il pane per 5 minuti in Kiba-dachi e per altri 10 minuti in Zenkutsu dachi sinistra e destra. Altre volte quando taglio il pane su un ripiano più alto provo invece a muovere l’anca seguendo il taglio, utilissimo allenamento per la coordinazione dei movimenti.

Durante il pranzo ho assolto al mio dovere principale, in stile film anni 70 – 80 ho assunto il mio ruolo di lava piatti/artista marziale che è durato dalle 12:00 alle 18:00. In queste sei ore ho svolto svariati esercizi:
Respirazione: Respirazione addominale profonda naso/bocca per 5 – 10 minuti di seguito.
Serie di colpi a mani nude (es: Jab – Cross – Gancio/Jab – Jab – Cross) tra un lavaggio e l’altro, ponendo l’attenzione al lavoro delle anche.
Riposo in posizione di Squat naturale.
A metà giornata di lavoro mi sono preso una pausa, prima di ricominciare a lavorare ed ho eseguito 25 x 2 piegamenti sulle braccia.

Come potete vedere è tutto sommato una buona giornata di allenamento, è fondamentale durante le giornate lavorative trovare dei momenti per noi stessi e per la nostra arte marziale. Crescere sfruttando così i tempi morti per essere artisti marziali migliori e soprattutto per esserlo ogni giorno della vita.




As many of you know by now, I live in a very green mountainous area, during the weeks of August the area is filled with tourists and vacationers. As my habit during these weeks I help my girlfriend Elisa’s family in their restaurant.

It’s a challenging job that sometimes takes 10 to 12 hours a day, this long working time is doubly a problem because it’s a risk of taking away my daily workout. Fortunately during the years I have developed a very different way of life and my workout is largely overlapping my day, it is crucial to find opportunities to train during each day and to be able to exploit them.

Relegating primary training to predetermined times is fundamental, but it is also important to understand life itself as a great workout, I make examples of yesterday’s day, August 15th.

Yesterday was of course the most challenging day of all at the restaurant so I had to manage my resources to train as much as possible. First of all, as soon as I arrived at work I performed several leg exercises in the morning. Joint heating – 2 x 20 squats, 2 x 15 lounges 10 frontal kicks and 10 lateral kicks per leg.

Beginning the service I had to cut the bread for the diners, being on a shelf too low for me I took advantage of it for some isometric exercises. About 15 minutes of work I first cut bread for 5 minutes in Kiba-dachi and another 10 minutes in Zenkutsu dachi left and right. Other times when I cut bread on a higher shelf I try to move the hip by following the cut, a very useful training for the coordination of the movements.

During lunch, I carried my main duty, film style 70-80 I assumed my role as washing dishes / martial artist that lasted from 12:00 to 18:00. During these six hours I have performed several exercises:

Breathing: Deep nose / mouth abdominal breathing for 5 to 10 minutes for several times.
A number of different series of bare hands strikes (eg: Jab – Cross – hook / Jab – Jab – Cross ecc ecc…), focusing on the work of the hips.
Every time I had to rest I rested in the natural squat position.

In the middle of my workday I took a break, before I started working I had  25 x 2 push ups on my arms.

As you can see, it’s a good workout for a working day, it’s crucial during business days to find moments for ourselves and our martial art. Grow by taking advantage of dead times to be better martial artists and above all to be M.A. every day of life.

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The Karate Nerd

Who is Jesse Enkamp and why I’m linking this video?

Well I don’t know Jesse personally but I follow him by quite a lot of time. He have his own blog, Youtube channel and a big growing comunity which follow him called Karate Nerds”. In the link below, you will find one of the four videos dedicated to the KNX the “Karate Nerd Experience” which is the event he organize calling people and great instructors and martial artists from all around the world.

So again, why I link this video? Well because Jesse is doing what hema should do. And he is doing it in one of the more traditional enviroments of the martial arts, the Karate Comunity.

If you start to follow him, you will discover that he travels regularly to Japan, and visit and practice with a huge number of different famous Sensei. On the other hand, he puts the Karate comunity in contact with MMA and full contact combat sports, to try and understand better how a fight can be. He also invitee natural movement experts, Yoga experts and so on, putting the attention on posture, anatomy and the human body.

This is how a dedicated student of one art should be, because Jesse is both an awesome Sensei and an Incredible dedicated student of his art. He have spotted many anatomical errors developed during the hundreds of years of Karate life and slightly corrected them to practice better and safely, but also he discovered in his travels old interpretation of Katas and “new old stuff” which was hidden in some little dojo somewhere.

This is how to build up a good martial art is, realism, study, knowledge of the human body and a critic eye on everything, but also the desire to know more and more, to discover and most of all, to put all together.



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Dagger aggression

Qui sopra potete trovare una sezione del mio blog in lenta espansione, the Duel and the Aggression. In questo drill prendo proprio in considerazione l’aggressione (che può a volte trasformarsi in duello come vedrete), consiglio questo drill a tutti quelli che inseriscono anche la daga nella loro pratica di armizare, per sviluppare senso del pericolo, riflessi e capacità di improvvisazione.

Above you can find a section of my blog slowly expanding, the Duel and the Aggression. In this drill I take into consideration the aggression (which can sometimes turn into a duel as you will see), I recommend this drill to all those who also insert the dagger in their practice of Armizare, to develop sense of danger, reflexes and improvisation skills .


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Dagger strikes!

La parte di daga è forse quella più difficile da praticare di tutto il Fior di Battaglia. Il problema è sempre il realismo, trovare un compromesso è per certi aspetti più difficile che per la spada.
Un grande aiuto però è la buona pratica degli attacchi di daga, per renderli veloci e fluidi, solo dopo di questa si può pensare a praticare la difesa da questi.

The dagger part is perhaps the most difficult to practice of the whole Fior di Battaglia. The problem is always realism, finding a compromise is, in some ways, more difficult than the sword.
However, a great help is a good practice of dagger attacks, to make them fast and fluid, only after this you can think of practicing the defense against these.


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