Malagutti Federico Sparring Videos

March 2018 Valsesia – Me and Connor Immonen (from Canada)


January 2018 – Me and Mattia Aspes

December 2017 – Christmas sparring – Me and Fabio Serraglio


October 2017, Torino – Me and Francesco Viola


October 2018, Turin – Me and Keith Farrell



July 2017 Haute-Savoie – Me, Adrien Michard and Elisa


July  2017 “La Selva” Val Mastallone. Me, David Ciscato and Enrico Campobello


December 2016, Borgosesia “Christmas Sparring” – Spar Fabio Serraglio.



December 2016 – Roccapietra – Me and Fabrizio Oioli.


October 2016 – Taurhemachia (Torino) – Spar: Federico dall’Olio


December 2015 with my friend Fabio Serraglio, in Borgosesia, my home.


November 2015, with my friend Ilkka Hartikainen, visiting his salle. Using unconventional tools!


January 2015 sparring on the Snow of Valsesia. With my French friend Adrien Michard and my Girlfriend Elisa Zanoli.




Dicember 2014 – Two different systems and weapons. It was a little difficult i must say! Spar: Fabio Serraglio, Bolognese Fencer



November 2014 – Spar: Elisa Zanoli


July 2014 Spar: Elisa Zanoli


April 2014 Spar: Elisa Zanoli




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