The Swordsman of the Dale

Hello HEMA friends.
In a few hours I will upload the second video of my series “The Swordsman of the Dale” on my Patreon.
In this new video series (which I will upload between 2 and 4 times per month) I will talk (and show, most of the times) the new work that i’ve done during the previous week/weeks. Which will include research, trips, lessons, interpretations, tournaments etc.
I will discuss the results of my work and I will give some advices on how to reach the same goals and/or how to not do the same errors.

Patrons who donate 5$ or more per week will be able to watch it on my Patreon page:



Buongiorno amici delle HEMA e praticanti di scherma Storica.

A breve caricherò sulla mia pagina Patreon un nuovo video della serie “The swordsman of the Dale”.
In questa nuova serie, che caricherò in modo regolare (da 2 a 4 volte a settimana) parlerò del mio lavoro, delle mie ricerche, dell’insegnamento, tornei e pratica schermistica. Darò consigli su come ottenere i miei stessi risultati e/o evitare i miei errori.

I patroni che donano 5$ o più al mese potranno vedere questo video cliccando qui:


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Sparring with the Mos Ferri

Some Longsword sparring with my friends of the Mos Ferri and my Girlfriend Elisa.

BTW, if you love animals, nature and art, give a look to Elisa’s Facebook page, Elisa Zanoli Art.

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How to start practicing HEMA

Hello HEMA friends!

I’ve decided to make this video hoping to help new people to start their own HEMA training, be them alone or in a group.
If you know someone interested in joining our community and in starting the practice of our beautifull martial arts maybe you can share it. I hope you will like the video.
All the bests



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Incrosare – Part 3

Hello HEMA friends, here it is, the third video of my “Incrosada” series. In this video I explain which actions are, in my interpretation, contained into the first two Largo plays of the Fior di Battaglia.
I also explain how I interpreted the plays (and, in some ways, the manual itself) to reach my conclusions.

I hope you will like the video.


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HEMA vs Kendo

Hello HEMA friends.

In this video I will show you a friendly sparring happened between a HEMA Instructor (Fabio Serraglio) and a Kendoka (named Marcello), plus a comment of every single exchange.
The idea at the base of the sparring was, of course, a way to explore something new and to share knowledge together. Enrico Campobello hosted the event in his Sala d’arme “Il Carmagnola”  he had a fight with Marcello too which is possible to watch on the Facebook page of his Sala d’arme.

I hope you will enjoy the video.

All the bests.

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I.33 – The right Counterbind

Hello HEMA friend! Here is part of my new interpretation of the I.33 counterbind and shielstrike (partial because it change depending in which context it’s used).

I want to spend some words about this action because I.33 SeB community is extremely variegated in terms of ideas, ideals and goals. This is my intepretation of the first counterbind and shieldstrike, which is used as a “Simple attack” or “Botta dritta” of first intention, meant to hit the opponent directly with the shield and control his weapons. As any other simple attack (like thrusts and cuts) it have multiple counters, as the priest describes in the book, nevertheless this is a first brick which gives the foundation of the future actions made with the buckler that I will show in the future.

All the bests!



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The Right of Way in Historical Fencing

Hello HEMA friends!

Here is my new video about the Right of Way rule, a bit of history, a basic explanation of the rule and some tips on how to use this rule as a tool for training.

I hope you will enjoy it.

All the bests!

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